The Further (Mis)Adventures of Princess Thumperhead started as a "post by email" that I wrote in college. When I moved away from school, the story widened and took on a different role for me, hence the Jester's Chronicles. Quite some time has past now and I find that I am returning to telling this weird little story, or The Trials. I suggest starting from the beginning. Some characters have been around that long...In April 2012, this story will turn 15. ....and Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 12, 1998

Chronicles VI: The Horror of Smitty the Slah-Kar

Author's Note:
The following was written by Gef’Rey under the close eye of Ar' D.
Jazan. Further edited by the Jester.

"From the Journals of
Gef’Rey the Pious, student of Ar' D’Jazan,
Keeper of the Unseen Library.

The twenty-second day of Baron Saing's thirteenth year of rule,

It is unseasonable today, and the taint of foul chaos seems to hang in the air. In the interest of history and my studies, it will be revealed to all what caused this taint....

The tale begins some months back, whilst the Jester still dwelt in Edwardoland. It had been quiet in Gothex and the citizens were preparing for the harvest festival, giving thanks to the gods. As acolytes of the Unseen Library, we were heavily involved in the preparations.

Unbeknownst to all, strange events were brewing in a mighty stand of trees to the Northeast of Gothex. There, in a small clearing, lived Smitty, a exiled acolyte from the library, lately having shown a marked degradation in his mental faculties and energy level. Now given to sloth, he spent the majority of his time asleep, and what few waking hours he had were spent in the company of equally slovenly companions at the local free hostel known quaintly as 'Slah-kar's Shoppe/Inn'.

Now it came to pass that 'staying' at the hostel was a young child-beast known as Sykoshia. Smitty was filled with lust for the young one, and after stabbing the barkeep, he proceeded to slake his unnatural lust.

K'Abe, a toy maker and rare patron also fell victim to Sykoshia's unnatural wiles. Much like Smitty, he was filled with an unnatural lust for Sykoshia, and would have acted on it, but for the arrival of Gef’Rey the Pious.

Despite Smitty's state, passed out on the floor and as a failed student, Gef’Rey had maintained contact with him in his exile, and that fateful day had journeyed in search of some relaxation in the form of Smitty's tales of fantasy and myth. Upon meeting Sykoshia, Gef’Rey was filled with interest about the strange childlike creature. Above all else, Gef’Rey is a man of piety and scholarship and his vow to observe and report to Ar' D. Jazan overrode the lust he had felt. However his curiosity won out in the end and he took Smitty and Sykoshia to the Happy Harlot for dinner.

Throughout dinner, Gef’Rey began to realize the true horror of the thing known as Sykoshia. The undead creation had the hallmarks of the Ramierez, a dealer in all things vile. The creature evoked pity and lust in all around it, while leaching the vital energy it required to cling to life. As Gef’Rey recoiled in horror, K'Abe and Smitty fell further into her clutches.

Fleeing the inn for the sanctity of the Library, Gef’Rey related the tale to Ars D'Jazen and a new pupil, Tintar, but received little advice or comfort. Jazan for his part seemed fascinated, but not prone to running off on a whim, for every foul creature that walks the realms. Those days were long past for him.

Some weeks later, Smitty sent a frantic summons to Gef’Rey to come to the hostel. Possessed by the unholy lust that emanated from the creature, K'Abe assaulted Sykoshia and Smitty was seeking assistance in confronting K'Abe. Concerned for the former student, Ar' D. Jazan accompanied the monk to the hostel. Upon arriving, Gef’Rey and Ar' D. Jazan found a buzzing den of chaos. Smitty and K'Abe fought over the creature. Bolstered by the dark power of Sykoshia, Smitty mortally wounded K'Abe while the beast greedily drank the dying man's life force. Seeing the evils being committed, Gef’Rey and Ar' D. Jazan returned to the Unseen Library. Carrying with them the dying body of K'Abe. As they left, Smitty took Sykoshia to the floor and time and again cooled the fire of lust that burned in his tainted soul.

In the safety of the library, Gef’Rey began to plot the destruction of the beast while healers attended to K'Abe. With the aid of Ar' D. Jazan, a potion containing frog blood, snail tears, and an eagle semen was created. When imbibed, the mixture would prevent Sykoshia from feeding. The potion was given to Tintar, who used his glib tongue to convince Smitty to imbibe the mixture. Unable to feed on Smitty, Sykoshia fled.

As peace is ever fleeting, Smitty was ever changed by his experiences at the hands of the undead child beast. Unable to contain his lusts, Smitty joined the Slah-kar, a group of child slavers who operate in the back alleys of Gothex. Choosing a child whom most reminds him of the long lost Sykoshia, Smitty continues to satisfy his unnatural desires."

Upon closing the book, Lady de'Guile reflected upon how much she did not know about the powers, known and cloaked in shadows that ran Gothex. With a new noble claiming a hereditary title, Gothex should become a hotbed of political intrigues. “A fine time to turn a coin or two for rumors. It is best to know who may win a war before you deal to both sides. Saing's rule has been, well...not harsh, but with unholy creatures becoming more commonplace everyday....who wants that kind of a place to live? Maybe a well placed rumor or two will affect the coming war....