The Further (Mis)Adventures of Princess Thumperhead started as a "post by email" that I wrote in college. When I moved away from school, the story widened and took on a different role for me, hence the Jester's Chronicles. Quite some time has past now and I find that I am returning to telling this weird little story, or The Trials. I suggest starting from the beginning. Some characters have been around that long...In April 2012, this story will turn 15. ....and Thanks for reading.

Thursday, April 17, 1997

Epic II: The Further (Mis)Adventures of PTH! Part II.

 Now it is only fair to say that the Festival of Drunken Musicians was a tolerable affair. All of Royalty was there, and various peasants of Edwardoland came to pay their respects to The Queen and her family. Being the Royal Jester,

I was of course to provide the entertainment, but I found that the Queen and her subjects were far to enlightened by drink to appreciate my musings. As the Festival wore on, it did have its exciting moments.  When a court page was rejected by a noble woman, what else was there to do but throw himself from the balcony?

It is a shame that commoners just can't seem to understand the Nobility and commoners do not mix. Fortunately, the young lad was too intoxicated to have felt the thump left on his head and faired well.

Later on into the Festival, after Brand had been helped back to his bungalow and

The Queen was found, wandering in a hostile Kingdom, the Ladies of Nobility proceeded to partake of a game of seduction. They had waited until the other noblemen had left or fallen into a drunken stupor, such was the case for Prince Lugg, Sir Pax, and the other Knights. This game involved, but not directly, a bottle and six participants. When Sir Pax awoke from his drunken stupor, he was most enraged with the infidelity of his mistress, Lady Vase. This brought a crashing end to the game, and some drunken blubbering from Sir Pax, Lady Vase, and Princess Thumper Head. All of the Queen's subjects bedded down for the night, most of them by themselves. In the morning a fresh blanket of snow had covered the landscape and coated and the misgivings of the previous evening's festivities.

With the departure of the Queen, Princess Thumper Head, Lady Vase and Sir Pax (off to repent for their sins and ask the Bishop for his forgiveness), this left a few members of the Peanut Gallery and myself to clean to Villa where last night's festivities were held. A visiting Nobleman was to make his appearance and the criers signaled his advance. The mad scramble to cleanse the Villa resulted in a surprising success! And the day was spent sleeping off the effects of the festivities!

Tuesday, April 08, 1997

Epic I: The Announcement.

Announcing the Epic to end all epics, coming soon (in installments), as the author writes them:

The Further (Mis)Adventures of Princess Thumper Head.


Princess Thumper Head, the protagonist
Lady Vase, Slayer of Small Cars, PTH's lady-in-waiting
The Queen, PTH's mother (by adoption)
Sir Pax, Knight Errant, Lady Vase's love


The Royal Jester, the antagonist
JJ the Red, Capt. of the Guard, long time friend of the Jester
Brand the Brute, Royal torturer

The Peanut Gallery, various residents of the Kingdom of Edwardoland, who have heir own two cents to throw in.

Now that we have the cast, let's introduce the setting.

Place: Edwardoland.

Time: In the not so distant past, at the Festival of Drunken Musicians, hosted by Sir Pax.

This is the premise for the Further (Mis)Adventures of Princess Thumper Head.