The Further (Mis)Adventures of Princess Thumperhead started as a "post by email" that I wrote in college. When I moved away from school, the story widened and took on a different role for me, hence the Jester's Chronicles. Quite some time has past now and I find that I am returning to telling this weird little story, or The Trials. I suggest starting from the beginning. Some characters have been around that long...In April 2012, this story will turn 15. ....and Thanks for reading.

Thursday, February 11, 1999

Chronicles XIII: Questions of Faith, Trust, and Travel.

The Festival of First Snow was a success and fun was to be had by all.
After the serious work of reinforcing the Citadel's magicks, music and
spirits were consumed in great quantities.

The Wizards, never ones to be far from their own domain in the Far Nort,
decided that it was wise to return before the sun set. Unfortunately,
Queen Growley Bear had other plans for them and the Wizards spent many
hours in a Maze of the Mind before they combined their strengths to over
come the Maze. Although exhausted from the excursion, they were able to
send a message by carrier inviting the Jester and Ars up to discuss the
future of the realms.

A few days later the Ars began preparing the Citadel on the Cove for the
Festival of Bygone Eras, where a great number of foreign dignitaries
were to arrive and discuss the return of Baron Saing. Among those to
make an appearance were: Marshals Duhnk, Di'Rand, and Brand, Lady
'deGuile, Ars D. Wiles, Terra 'deNarc, Jannas the Martyr, King and
Queen Decker. It was a shock, by way of page, to hear that Lord and
Lady Decker had taken Holiday to the Eastern Border and were under heavy
military guard as they were close to Queen Growley Bear's realm. It was
also sad to hear that Lady 'deGuile, while traveling north to the
Festival, was ambushed and slaughtered by a pack of half humans of
Saing's creation. The scroll was delivered to the Citadel's doors
plunged into her skull. Also sending his regrets, Ars D. Wiles, via
magical means informed Jazan that he was battling a blizzard of
unnatural beginnings, which precluded his arrival at the Festival.
Of those who did arrive, it was a grand time to be had by all. Dar
Benedict, under direct questioning by Jannas, was cleared of all charges
in Boones, and was able to renew ties with Errien, Brand, and Di'Rand.
Errien stated that he may consider moving to Gothex, insiders wonder if
he'll attempt to gain control of the city while it's in its fragile
state. Some consider him to be the best qualified for the job. The
Marshals were treated to a show by Cyndra, an exotic dancer who has been
seen in few weeks the company of the Jester these last. The night ended
with quite a few of the servants having to make accommodations for
several of the partygoers, the Jester was nowhere to be seen and the Ars
was in the grips of the spirits. As morning broke, Dar Benedict had
made good his escape, leaving some to wonder where and why he had fled
in such a hurry. As guests made their way back to their abodes, Errien,
Di'Rand, Duhnk, and the Jester [it was known that K'Abe was still about
the Library, but nowhere to be seen] discussed the past Festivals and
speculated about the future. The Boones delegates left to escort
Brand's lady to her abode on their way back to Boones proper.

Rumors abound that JJ the Red has taken up with a Gypsy and has moved to
Tem'pe in the hopes of winning her affections. No one has been able to
confirm or deny these rumors.

Also Gef'Rey the Pious has been recalled to the Temple of Rains to
rededicate his spirit, some say it is bad for business to have a
doom saying monk proclaiming that all things lead to sin and death, and
that the Temple finally received word and is trying to do some damage
control in the City. Jannas the Martyr has been dispatched to be the
Spiritual Leader of Gothex in its time of need. There are some rumors
that Archbishop Jannas and Marshall Brand have had some differences of
opinion about the role of religion in State politicks and that while
they are civil in person, that there maybe more to this than meets the

There was talk among the peasants that the Jester had been entranced by
a dancer of skill and grace. It was true that he had been seen in the
company of Cyndra and quietly, in the taverns and walking about the
Cove, the talk spread that the Jester may have found a new patron. The
Jester had also spent time in seedy alleys and wharf side taverns
speaking at length with villains and smugglers. There was concern that
the Jester may be involved in some devious plot, but as usual few people
cared to speculate openly about what that may be.

Many weeks passed and the Jester returned to what appeared to be a usual
routine, all the while maintaining a hidden correspondence with Ramierez
about things morbid and occult. The Ars noticed a rise in the amount of
occult energy in the Citadel. He began to research it and found, much
to his shock and horror, that the Jester was responsible. The Ars was
unsure why or how the Jester had raised these energies nor did he know
how the Jester was controlling it. The Jester realized that some of
these powers were dangerously close to being out of control and needed
to confer with Kindle. She consoled him and whispered the magicks
needed to prevent the Citadel from being destroyed. She also told him,
that her return would coincide with the Summer equinox. The Jester
asked her for protection during a future adventure, with Errien, to the
mythical Isle of the Water Wall. Errien had spoken at length about his
desire to return to the Isle and the Jester having given in to a whim,
suggested that they take time in the coming summer to go on a Holiday.
The Jester had also asked Cyndra to join them, but she had vanished,
having taken a small Amulet of Power with her. Most displeased, the
Jester requested of Jannas that the wench be found and condemned a
heretic (preferably burned publicly), and the Amulet, when found be
locked in the Holy Treasury.
Terra 'deNarc also had returned to Gothex. Her promotion to Minister of
Propaganda, elevated her to a level where she and the Jester had rare
times to talk. As the Magpie party quickly was running Gothex Trade
Commission into the ground, Terra was left with quite a bit to do. Her
elevation was apparently do to her kinship with the King's sister, who
was studying abroad, and practically running the country in her
brother's absence. Although there are some who say the it was magick...

A few of the Slah Kars had been seen of late, but their stuporous state
left them as but entertainment for the masses.

Tintar the Cloistered, having been in a near fatal chariot collision has
been attended by the best healers in Gothex, although he does babble at
length about healers having to be women and that certain parts of his
body that were undamaged needed their immediate attention.

In the Kingdom of Twisting Rain, Queen Growley Bear gives praise and
thanks to her Goddess before having a thousand first born sons