The Further (Mis)Adventures of Princess Thumperhead started as a "post by email" that I wrote in college. When I moved away from school, the story widened and took on a different role for me, hence the Jester's Chronicles. Quite some time has past now and I find that I am returning to telling this weird little story, or The Trials. I suggest starting from the beginning. Some characters have been around that long...In April 2012, this story will turn 15. ....and Thanks for reading.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Chronicles XX: The End of a Barony.

<<Author's note: I'm really sorry this has been almost three years and alot  has changed, but I have some more of the story to tell. This was just  sitting out there in cyber space having moved with me a few times. This is the end of "Book 2: Chonicles". I have started writing "Book 3: Trials" while editing "Books 1  & 2" adding artwork and tightening up the plot and some of the names. In a  perfect world I would love to get it published one day...oh well. If you  keep in touch with anyone who used to read it please forward this along, I  had to scour through 2 years of emails to dig up more current addresses for  most people. I hope that this finds you safe and well and please write me  and let me know how you are doing. Mike
I am actually starting real story arcs, not just parodies of real events, so  it should be more interesting to read.>>

 “We stand ready.
The Jester set down the scroll and moved to finish packing his things. It  was going to be a long time before he’d see these walls again. Before  leaving for the Castle, he penned a quick note to his bride explaining that  he’d write soon. Setting outside with everything he’d need for the coming  year, he spots a carriage and piles the bags inside. “To the castle.” He says the driver.

General Tintar finished putting on his polished silver armor. Attaching his  purple cloak and sheathing his sword, he pauses “It is time.” Upon entering the hall just outside his chambers, the Commander of the Royal  Guard takes note of a hundred of his finest men standing guard outside of  his door. As he steps into the hallway, one hundred heels strike the ground  as the guardsmen wheel about into marching formation. As the procession  advances through the halls, a resounding noise is heard as though a large  thunder cloud crashed along side of them. Rounding a corner, the mass of steel and muscle is joined by five men, the  Jester, Prefect Brand, Ambassador Benedict, Captain Pahj’lix, and the  minstrel Eepir Kahz. The group comes to a halt just outside of Saing’s chamber.

“Captain.” The General says. The guardsmen rush around the small group of men and into Saing’s sanctum,  moving to cover all available exits.

“Commander?” Saing hisses, as he looks up from his notes.

“The time for apparent weakness is past, my Lord.” Tintar says through the  open door.

“It is time to act, our pawns are already in place.” Added Benedict.

“Come in then.” Saing said as he turned and withdrew some maps. “Here is  what to do.” Laying out the maps of Gothex and its borders. “Here is what  I want.” He moves a map to the top of the pile. It reveals Gothex as major  force in between the Western Empire and the Kingdom to the East. “We must  expand our borders four hundred fold. And do it before winter.”

The seven men looked at the map, taking it all in. This meant war and on  three fronts. To do this before winter would mean blood soaked earth is all  the snows would have to kiss. There were some concerns, of course. Tintar started, “Baron, how are we to succeed against the southern holdings?  Perhaps Commander Gregor could use some of his ancestral lands to stage  the armies needed.”

“Ask the fool…he knows the adversary there.”

 “It must be Di’Rand’s armies then. I know him. Brand and I will see to it  that he understands our position.” The Jester offered. “And the girl?”

Benedict addressed that question, “The court is weak, but strong enough for  our purposes. She trusts me and believes that her family will stay  empowered by this treaty.”

“And P’ jai’us?” the Jester rubbed his neck remembering that late night  attack.

“We have a surprise for them. One of their three power wells is just  outside of a town called San Lieu, the Jester leaves tonight to ‘redirect’ the energy from the well. It seemed only fitting.”

“With them weakened, our eastern push should be made with ease.” assessed  Tintar. As the men rose together, Saing spat “Today we carve out the Empire of  Gothex, to stand for Ten Thousand Years!”

As a cold wind whipped through them and into the hallway, it howled. Somewhere in the distance, something howled back...

The Royal Jester
-Chelle de’ Gruse, Wife of The Jester, Protector of Children
-Baron Saing, War-Lord, Army of the Blackened Standard
-Tintar, The Cloistered, Supreme Commander
--Sir Gregor, The Paladin, Commander of the Eastern Brigade
---Hee A’tor, Lady of the Ol’cohall Lake, Court Noble
--Sir Azon, The Unbreakable, Commander of the Northern Wastes
---Lady Yute, Champion of the Simple, Court Noble
--Sir Augustus, The Pious, Commander of the Central Armies
---Lady Tehtare, Scholar, Lady-in-waiting
--Sir Cristos, The Quiet, Commander of the Western Brigade
---Lady Katz, The Benevolent
--Sir Geottch, The Elder, Diplomat of Arms
-Dar Benedict, Consul-General of Intelligence
--Dane Benedict, Scholar, Lady-in-waiting
--Brand, Prefect of Military Intelligence
-Ramierez, War Wizard of the Northern Wastes
---Annult, Consul to the Wizards
---Murrin the Mad, Senior Siege Engineer
-Kindle, A witch, seer, magician, and prophet
-Irie, Magistrate General
-Eepir Kahz, The Minstrel
--Lady Draconni, Lady of the Draconni Court

Ar’ D. Jazan, Ancient hermit wizard, Keeper of the Unseen Library
-Gef’Rey the Pious, Insane monk and scholar
-Strah ‘her the Mercurial, Captain of the Guard/Library Brigade
-Smitty, Tsar of the Slah-kar
-K’Abe, Retired toy maker and purveyor of fine herbal remedies

Lord Niah Decker
-The Magpie Party
-The Slah-Cars

Di’Rand the Bold, Commander of the Southern Guard