The Further (Mis)Adventures of Princess Thumperhead started as a "post by email" that I wrote in college. When I moved away from school, the story widened and took on a different role for me, hence the Jester's Chronicles. Quite some time has past now and I find that I am returning to telling this weird little story, or The Trials. I suggest starting from the beginning. Some characters have been around that long...In April 2012, this story will turn 15. ....and Thanks for reading.

Sunday, April 26, 1998

Chronicles VIII: The World Through Rose Colored Glasses

In short order, the Jester was dispatched to Boones to look over Saing's
army. In the middle of a horrid dream, he awoke with a start, the last
tendrils of images escaping back into the dark recesses of sleep. A
soft, seductive voice whispered sweet nothings in his ear, and as the
Jester is not one to stray from prettied words, he stumbled after them
as though he were in a daze. As he awoke from what seemed an endless
sleep, he beheld a stunning nymph, who sat upon the foot of his straw
bed. Before the Jester could spout a reasonable defense for what must
have occurred the nymph slowly rose and vanished into mists. The Jester
seemed confused and muddled but did seem to remember that he had indeed
been summoned by the Witch Kindle and that she had spoken to him of
prophesy that had come to pass and that which he could not yet see. She
had told him of mistakes that she too had made in her youth, when she
played the fool (as he so often does) and that it was the fool who would
place the King upon the throne. She spoke to him of matters so far
ranging that his simple mind could not take it all in and that some was
left to run into nothingness. Her words on the betrayal of a benevolent
monarch spurred the Jester on to Boones where the thoughts of Saing
undermining the Governor's control disturbed him. As he arrived in
Boones, but the town was not at all the peaceful town he had known it to
be. Refugees lined the streets. Food lines on every other corner. The
Jester gave all that his meager savings would allow him to the starving
wretches of Boones.
It also seemed that there was trouble from without as well as within.
Duhnk, Brand, and to a lesser extent Di'Rand were swayed by a charlatan,
that Gov. Errien was not fit to stand as the ruler of the town. It
seemed that they were so thoroughly convinced that they were prepared to
throw him into the stockades, but the Jester was able, through much
politicking, to diplomatically advice the Governor of his situation. It
was decided that Errien would indeed finish out his term, and possibly
rule for another term, but he may not have the backing of the Ruling
Council. With this slight horror, already smoldering out, there came
one last flame up, as a young rake tried to air out Errien's ribs with a
dagger. Although the assassination attempt failed, it did make the
governor more aware that he had enemies in quarters that he was still
unaware of.
Meanwhile, in another part of Boones, Dar Benedict plots for the moment
when his usefulness will be at it greatest. When he can intercede on
the Damned Queen's behalf and prevent the prophesy for fulfilling
itself. He sits idly by, watching the stars and counting the months
that he has left. He will have his moment, even if it does mean a
little blood is spilled.
In still another district of Boones, Lynn makes her way to the altar to
prayer for forgiveness and for her memory to return. After all that
rubble had fallen on her she had clawed her way free. The muffled cries
from the debris that had imprisoned her, still rang loudly in her ears.
Her only thought was that she had not known those people. They would
have dies very slowly indeed. Who were those people, were they my
family? Or just some unlucky passersby when the building had collapsed.

Coming soon:

**Ar' D. Jazan spoils another assassination attempt.

**The Jester rescues Lady Prim from Baron Saing.

**Duke Decker claims his lands and Baron Saing returns to Gothex.

Thursday, April 23, 1998

Chronicles VII: The Evil the Moves to Destroy Us...

As he rode forth, returning to a land he once knew quite well, Duke
Decker marveled at how it had changed so much, as he had. Many years
had passed, since had had last lived here. He had spent most of them
doing what it is that young men should do before settling down and
raising a family. His return was marked by his new marriage and first
child on its way, some rumors say that the former was a result of the
latter... Duke Decker had returned to reclaim the throne that was his
birthright. All that stood in his way was a score of years of decay,
and of course the Baron. Decker thought it best to speak with the
townspeople of Gothex before he staked his claim, as it is wise to
evaluate a situation before leaping into it. He stabled his horses and
family at the Happy Harlot Inn.

He soon discovered that the Baron was away on a campaign to the south
and would not be returning until later in the year. He also learned
that the mage who could, in his youth, summon a magical chariot on a
whim. The Duke had spent many a whimsical day in the company of the man
whom he knew to be D'Jazan. Apparently, D'Jazan had taken more
seriously to his studies and had become something of a recluse. He had
attained the ranking of "Ars" when his mentor Ars MicHurdy, Master of
the Fire, had passed into ashes and took over the Damien’s Library
which had been concealed when Saing moved to Gothex.
The Duke first sought out D. Jazan for advice and guidance. Upon
arriving at the Unseen Library he was escorted to D'Jazan's ante room by a
former childhood friend, Tintar the Virile. Tintar who was once a lady's
man of some renown, went into hiding when several brothers appeared at
his door and demanded he atone for his violations of their sisters'
honor. As Tintar back peddled at the accusations, wildly waving his arms
in a defensive manner, he fell backwards out of his bedroom window.
Landing unhurt, and slightly muffed, he thought "Maybe it would be best
to move, now..." and petitioned to study with Ar' D. Jazan. He has been
here ever since.

As the door to his study swung open to receive him, the Duke saw that D.
Jazan was in a light hearted conversation, with what appeared to be a
fool. A fool that he recognized as another childhood friend, the son of
his father's court Jester. After a moment, the three realized that a
prophecy was beginning to be full filled. Duke Decker suggested private
counsel outside of the walls of Gothex, and in short order the
arrangements had been made. A sacred grove of tree stood not the far to
the east of Gothex and it would take them but less than a day to arrive
there and set up a comfortable camp.
As the sun lay down to sleep and the three men were deep in conversation
over how to defeat Saing, they realized that they were not alone. Dog
sized rodents with men's hands began to probe the camp 's edges. Early
on the men had taken no notice of this fact, but as guards failed to
report in, the concern grew. It was when a skull of one of the guards
was thrown down into the camp as a challenge (or a warning) did the men
react visibly. D. Jazan summoned an enchanted shelter and provided
refuge for the men. As they slept, there were other forces at work on

Far off, standing around a bubbling pool of blood and entrails, Saing
and Ramierez stood watching the shelter.

-"But Lord Saing, they are but three against my hordes of raccoons."
-"I do not care, slay Jazan and the others will fall like twigs"
-"Yes, my lord."

Jazan awoke from a pain filled sleep as though his gullet were ablaze
with embers. He awoke the Jester and informed the Duke to stay inside
of the shelter. The Jester, had in a dream, proceeded to take Jazan to
druid who lived not far from the grove. The chariot was ensnared by
swallowing sand and they had to flee in a summoned cart drained the last
of Jazan strength. Many hours later, as the sun rose, Jazan awoke from
a short but painless sleep and informed the Duke and Jester that must
return to the Library at once, for he was vulnerable that far from his
sanctuary. With a flourish and some regret he left. The Duke and
Jester spent the day studying the weaknesses of Saing and drawing up
tactics to defeat him. After this day, it was decided to return to
Gothex and study maps to be sure of their plans. As they departed the
grove a gentle snow began to fall over the area, it would end four days
later. It covered a man's height in white powder and would have buried
the camp whole.

Upon his return, the Jester left again to Boones to see what of Saing's
army was still intact.


Jazan and Duke Decker continued their plans to assault Saing's
And in Boones, and assassination attempt is in the works, the Jester is
summoned to Kindle's haven, and a plague wizard creates an undead